Рамиль Латыпов "The Prince of Exile"

The prince lives a measured life with his mistresses and maids. But the day of his engagement comes. A strange incident at the ball changes everything. What should he do in the world of intrigue and pleasure? Where every friend can become an enemy and vice versa.

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The Prince ofВ Exile
Рамиль Латыпов

The prince lives a measured life with his mistresses and maids. But the day of his engagement comes. A strange incident at the ball changes everything. What should he do in the world of intrigue and pleasure? Where every friend can become an enemy and vice versa.

The Prince ofВ Exile

Рамиль Латыпов

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Chapter 1В At the Dawn ofВ Change

A strange voice in the darkness told me “Soon everything will change for you Prince Gideon”. A dark figure points a finger at me, and a bright ball of flame flies towards me. I’m on fire. I burn out completely. But I survive by being different. What nonsense. I will be fine. Woke up. What a strange dream.

– You woke up prince. – Says the girl to my left. Naked and beautiful maid Elsa. Red hair small horns. She is a demon and my mistress. Lilac skin and cute ponytail.

– You tossed and turned Prince. And my breasts were crushed so roughly. – Said, laughing, the girl on the right. Milan’s maid. Cat ears and jet black hair. Breasts are smaller than Elsa’s, but what plump lips she has. And she’s so warm. The demon is noticeably colder.

– I’m sorry, honey. Where is the third one?

The maids lifted the blanket for me. Under it, a little girl sleeps on top of me. She is from the rat people. Funny mustache and ears. We have recently enslaved their people. This is where I got it. Daughter of their king Bria. Now my maid. I thought I’d keep a pet instead. But she was very skilled in oral sex. Natural talent.

– Hello, prince. The pretty lady opens her eyes. She is cute. Knows manners and etiquette. Real princess. Even if it’s a slave. I would stroke her, but my hands are on the breasts of the two maids at the sides. The girl understood my look and set to work. Our morning ritual. She had a choice or that. To be my personal servant or to feed my orc soldiers. She made the right choice. Skillful mouth quickly did the job. Fifteen minutes and my seed filled her cheeks. She took a deep sip and said happily.

– You are delicious as always my master.

– Well done beauty. In vain your father did not agree to give you to me as a wife. Because of this, the war began. And now you’re just my slave. And why did he resist? He is a fool.

– Yes. You are right owner. He is a fool. – The maiden rat said it sadly and a tear passed down her cheek. Nothing will survive. Get used to me. I do not beat her and humiliate her. I love them in my own way.

– Need to go. I have a lot of things to do today. Ball in the evening. There I will see my future bride for the first time. She is from the neighboring country of the elves Otis Princess Tamara. They say beautiful. Always wanted to try with an elf. They are said to have warm skin.

– Yes, I know her. Bria said. – We played with her in childhood when her father Max Trilis and her mother Julia Trilis came to visit my father Evgeny Maus. She is very cute. But peculiar and arrogant. Like all elves.

– With me, she will be gentle and obedient. I love riding wild mares. – I said rejoicing at the new lady. – But girls, don’t worry, I won’t stop sleeping with you. You are mine for a long time. My favourites. I squeezed the breasts of the two ladies even tighter. – I will not let go of such milkings unnecessarily.

They laughed. Such gentle and affectionate ladies. IВ understood from their movements. They want me. The look became languid. Legs wobbled under the covers. The demon began toВ sweat. AВ clear sign ofВ arousal. The cat started wagging its ears.

– Who same today will be the first my Prince? – Asked the demon. Her eyes turned red. Apparently excited.

– Ladies decide for yourself. I love to see how you try to win our game. – I said, looking forward to the spectacle. I came up with this game. Ladies stick their middle finger into another lady’s womb. And they start moving. The first one to let out a groan of pleasure loses. And not getting sex. And they have fun. And it’s more pleasant for me to enter when the lady’s place is wet. The ladies smiled at me and got out of bed. They sat down opposite each other. Fingers in the womb. Passionate but determined faces. They know how grateful I am when I’m happy. I can give you a juicy piece. But that’s later. And slave love is a miracle. Enslavement spell, invented a hundred years ago. Grand Master Leon wanted to enslave the dragons. But he didn’t succeed. The spell had no effect on them. But for people, yes. The slave has a small mark around his neck with the symbol of his master. Most often it is his work or hobbies. A slave loves his master sincerely. But I digress from the ladies. They actively worked with their hands.

– You will lose the demon. I’ll go with him first.

– No cat, I’ll win. He will fall in love with me.

At this time, I pulled the rat lady. Started kissing. She is sweet and gentle. And how I love her long mustache. My hands caress her breasts. Too bad she’s small. But still, she’s beautiful. My friend is ready to fight again. The former princess took advantage of this. She took it into her skillful mouth again.

Leave us aВ friend.

– Don’t drink it all by yourself. It still has to be mine. There is only room in my womb for him. The demon said. But then she had an orgasm. – Ahhh. No how could I.

– I won. Milana said triumphantly, licking her fingers. She liked the taste of the demon. Then she walked over to the bed. The rat realized that it was time to leave and kissed me goodbye on the cheek. Then she brazenly kissed the demon and began to caress her with her hands in the womb. She likes ladies. Moans of love filled my bedroom. It’s time to enjoy the cat. She jumped on me. The warm womb and my friend united. She’s warm and wet. I like the bold bold look of the lady on top of me. In a fit of passion, she opens up. Become a real predator. There are many scars on my back from her claws. Ten minutes and I poured everything I had into her.

– I’m glad that gave you pleasure my prince. – Said the lady getting down from me. She knows what to do next. She pulled clothes out of the closet. Dressed as a maid. She took my dress suit and underwear and came up to me. Helped me get dressed. The ladies on the floor finished their fun and also went to get dressed.

I left the room in the company of three maids. My palace is full of people, as always. Many maids and lackeys ran on various assignments. We went to the royal dining room. There sat King Darius and Queen Aralia. My parents. Mother from a kind of werewolves of eagles. Father is a great magician. However, I don’t have any such talents. I love ladies. That’s all. Although I always kept myself within the limits. Outside the palace, I am a respectable prince. Here he is. A huge table filled with various dishes. Much more food than we can eat. After us, the servants will eat it. And my maids that hardly stood up for me. Although they don’t always get it. The strongest get food. There is a rigid hierarchy among the servants. I quietly handed them the best pieces. It’s not just that they sleep with me. Moreover, I saw their beds. Rigid and uncomfortable. In the basement. It smelled of vomit and mildew. Twilight. And the rats are crawling. An additional source of their food. There is the bottom of our society. Here we have its color. Just one floor separates the two worlds. I once went down there for Milan. I was curious how they live. They make me sleep much more comfortable and softer. And my profit. They were envied by many maids and a few servants. But I was faithful to them. They are my favourites.

– My son Gideon sit down to eat. Chef Ignacio is right on top today. No wonder I wrote him out of the country of angels “Holy Fortress” for today’s ball. – King Darius was in high spirits. His country is flourishing. The wealth of the country rat people filled the treasury. Especially today is my engagement. Our countries will sign a union treaty. This means that we will become the second power in the world after the empire of the Goddess of Light. A pious country in the west. Orcs and gnomes will not attack and devastate our lands. Fear retribution. Today will be the triumph of his life. And he revels in every minute.

I sat down at the table. Alex the butler put a napkin on my lap. He is strange. I like him little. He likes to cuddle up to me, climbs to hug. He is a man in his forties. Ugh. I’m already nineteen. As well as my favorite maids.

– Today you will see her. – Said my mother Queen Aralia. Her sweet and kind features are very popular with the people. Although they do not know that this is all her mask. – I visited them. Tamara is such a sweet girl. And so similar to their mother, they are just like twins. Well, they are elves. Although Julia looks older. For a couple of years. But your wife is a real sweetheart. Give us good grandchildren. Those that will rule for many years. They are elves. We have been wanting to be related to them for a long time. Our countries are neighbors. Alone we are weak. But together we are strong. They have a fleet at sea. We have a strong army. Together we can conquer the island nations. They prevented us from developing for a very long time. Having conquered them, we will go west. Orcs and dwarves will know my fury.

– Darling, calm down. You are so passionate when you dream of world domination. – Said father King Darius and hugged his mother. That’s the only way to calm her down.

I can’t wait to meet her too. Cute elf princess. – I thought a little and added. What should I do today, father? – I am a prince and must carry out state affairs. Even today.

– Walk around the city. Check it out, it’s your future possessions. Moreover, I have a good idea for you. Go. Take Gennady and go. He’s your personal guard after all.

– More escort. – I said quietly.

“You shouldn’t talk about me like that, prince. I have faithfully served your family for three generations. – Said a young guy in light leather armor. Race vampire. He stepped out of the shade of the curtains. The sun is almost at its zenith. I like to fall asleep before lunch. The night is made for pleasure. His handsome face has always pissed me off. He is prettier than me, and when he is around, ladies do not pay attention to me. Even my maids admire him behind me. He is a head taller than me. Blond hair and blue eyes. He looks more like a prince than me. A little thick and nondescript. I like to spend time with a book more than with people. That’s why I go with him. When bandits attack us, they think that he is a prince and they don’t touch me. This is their main mistake. He is a skilled warrior and knows magic. Strange combination. But that makes him the best guardian in the country. His family has served us for generations. From the very first kings. They fled from the country of demons when the persecution of vampires began there. A dark time in our history. One day, hostility towards other peoples began. Scientists have not yet understood the reason for this. Although over time we got over it. Now we live without race wars. Only wars between states. There have been no genocides for a hundred years. The last one was with mermaids. There are almost none left. Although they have a small country in the sea at the end of the world.

– But it’s true. You won’t let me go for a walk where I want. I would like to see the whole city. And not only on the main streets.

– It’s not safe there. – Said the king. Even though people love us. Even though I knew it wasn’t. Many people did not like the attacks on the rat people. – There are groups of rebels. They want to take us down. As I drove the magician Vivaldi out of the country, they got a formidable ally. It’s a pity I didn’t burn it in the Square of the Kings. My intelligence reports that they are planning provocations during the ball. But perhaps this is again the inscriptions on the streets. Maybe they’ll throw paint down the well. Again harmless shares. The king thought. Then he said. – Be careful anyway. Don’t leave Gennady. He turned to the guard. – You take him to the place that I told you. He tossed him a bag of coins. And winked.

The warrior deftly picked up the coins. They rang loudly.

– Forever you boys have secrets from me. – Said Queen Aralia, although she perfectly understood everything, unlike me.

The ladies behind me laughed. Looks like I’m the only one here who didn’t understand. Though I’ll find out soon enough. So he didn’t ask. And discreetly hid the best pieces of meat aside. Then I put them in a paper bag and put them in the void. In the evening after the ball I will feed my maids. In gratitude, they will spend the night with me. And they will be very gentle with me. Wedding in a month. I will not wait for her in chastity.

We ate in silence. It’s not for the royal family to eat with their mouths full. Then I went out accompanied by Gennady. The maids went to do their duty. They have work weeding onions in the royal garden today. I regretted that I had to leave, I would have admired how they stand bent over and work. They have such beautiful bodies in tight work clothes.

Here we are in the city. The capital of our state Luzin country Torus. My future possessions. My people. For the walk, I put on simple clothes. The warrior took with him a long sword that hung so beautifully on his belt. With jewels and a large ruby on the hilt. Passing ladies just smiled at him. There were also air kisses. They looked at me with disgust. Here are the creatures. They will need to be hung up for disrespect. But let him live. Here’s the right wedding night’s mind here they’re having some fun. Although in their appearance it was with them for a very long time. Ladies are clearly walking. That’s why I liked them. But I don’t have them.

We walked for aВ long time along the stone road. Carriages with food went towards the palace. Today there will be aВ big ball. Stone houses made ofВ white brick looked beautiful inВ the rays ofВ the sun. Two story city. But there were also five-story mansions ofВ the rich. We came toВ an interesting street. There were bright signs on it. This is aВ shopping district. Merchants called toВ buy their goods. The windows ofВ expensive shops were full ofВ signs. There was also live goods. Various animals. From dogs toВ big lizards. Gennady talked about something with aВ rude man inВ bandit armor near aВ building without signs. Then he waved his hand and we entered. Interesting place. There are dark curtains on the windows. So it was dark here. But my eyes quickly got used toВ it. Small tables with no one around. The place is deserted. But then the door at the end ofВ the room opened and she stepped out. AВ lady under forty inВ aВ wonderful white transparent dressing gown. Nothing underneath. And there is something toВ see. Dark hair and aВ slightly plump body. But it looks very appetizing.

– Dear Gennady, you came as promised. And they brought him. She walked over and kissed the guard passionately. He squeezed her milkings. How lucky he was to be born beautiful. Not what I am. Then she turned her back to him. He dropped his trousers. And he began to calmly have it right in front of me. She continued unabashedly as if nothing had happened. Dear Prince Gideon. In our institution you will get all the pleasure that is possible to get. My girls will serve you well. After all, you are engaged today and your father does not want you to do this with others before the wedding. He wants grandchildren. You must accumulate strength. She laughed. Gennady too. The process was fast paced and fast. But not for long. Three minutes and he was already putting on his pants. And he’s a fast shooter. At least I’m ahead of him. My love games last much longer.

– I still do not understand where I am?

They laughed. Although why are they so. IВ rarely go out into the city. Not more than once aВ month.

– This is my prince brothel Madame Kyuso. By the way, meet this she. – Said my guard hugging the lady from behind. She just smiled looking at me. – That’s the price for the prince. The king hopes that such a high fee will be worth it. He handed her the bag. She happily accepted it and left the room. Waited a few minutes

– Ladies ready prince. – She took my hand and we went. Joyful Gennady remained at the entrance. He won’t get lost. Maybe take another one. Although with his appearance, this whore will pay him. He told me stories like this.

Madam has nice hands. Warm and soft. We went up toВ the second floor. Then they zigzag down the corridor. And here is our goal. She opened the red door and we entered the room with ten ladies. All are naked. Demons, succubi, orcs, elves and even mermaids. All races ofВ the world.

– The ladies will serve you in the best possible way. – She came up and said by the ear. “If I have strength left, I will serve you myself.” You will get everything from me in full. – And even quieter. – If you get married, come to us again. I have the best ladies in town. Although we will get the guys if necessary.

She turned around and left. The ladies began toВ surround me. IВ felt like aВ doe surrounded byВ lionesses. Hungry lionesses. Only they have aВ different hunger. This is clearly an aphrodisiac. Because my head began toВ spin. They took off my clothes. Kissed hands, face, neck. Then there was sex. The best inВ life. There was so much ofВ it. IВ fell head over heels intoВ it.

IВ woke up sitting inВ aВ carriage.

– Prince, you woke up. – Gennady with traces of lipstick on his face was sitting next to him. He didn’t disappear without me.

– Yes, it was great. I’m so happy and squeezed like a lemon. – It is necessary to tell everything to my maids in the palace. I want to repeat some positions with them. Although not in the near future.

– Okay, Prince. It’s time for us to return, otherwise the ball will begin soon. And you still need to change.

– It’s still a day.

At these words ofВ mine, the guard laughed and removed the curtains. It was night outside.

– That was good for you. You even lost track of time.

He laughed. It made me feel a lot better than before. I won’t execute him when I’m king. As previously planned. He might be of use to me. He knows where such establishments are in the city. And he’s cute.

Chapter 2В Bal

My room is comfortable. Three maids are dressing me. They are affectionate and submissive. Food is on the table and they ate well. They are so affectionate when they are full. Soon they will eat so well. Therefore, I specially ran to the dining room and grabbed a lot of goodies. I am wearing a white dress suit and a crown of gold and diamonds. Simple, it is only for the prince. Thin and light. But in time I will put on the big crown of the king. This is where the real power lies. Heavy crown with many rubies and diamonds. Decorated with our coat of arms and flag. All the power of the country in this crown. And it’s full of magic. You can cast powerful spells with it. Of course if you have royal blood. My blood. It won’t suit a commoner. He might even die wearing it.

– You are so beautiful prince. – Said the demon Elsa smiling. But sadness is visible on the face. – It is a pity that the butler Alex forbade us to sleep with you before marriage. We were also completely forbidden to approach you for a whole month. Too bad I enjoyed sleeping in your bed.

The other girls nodded too. Although you can’t fool me. I know that they are disgusted. I’m not handsome and not a master in bed. They don’t need me, but the bed and the food I give them. But after the wedding there is no ban on mistresses. The main thing is that she quickly became pregnant. Can the guard Gennady be asked to help with this. The child will be beautiful. But this is for the last resort. I’ll try my best.

– You are waiting for my prince. – The nasty butler Alex came in. He smelled of weak alcohol. It looks like he’s already drunk. Maybe she’s grieving that I’m getting married. He offered me a lot. He wrote love letters. He is old. Although he did not cross the line and helped with the maids. He let them go from work to me earlier. Although he might not let go. He did not beat them like other slaves. I don’t like ladies with bruises. And before going to me, he bathed them personally. But he did not approach them. Although I heard from one maid with donkey ears that my rat has a lover, the gardener Yuri. But I didn’t know whether to believe them or not. In my presence the gardener only spoke nervously and praised the flowers in the garden. At the maids that were next to me, he did not look. He is only thirty young. Handsome. Although almost everyone in the palace is prettier than me.

I left the room. Surrounded by ladies and a butler. The maids wiped their eyes with a handkerchief. Butler too. Everyone doesn’t like my wedding. Maybe I won’t like her if the wife is ugly. Although the elves are all beautiful. But perhaps there are exceptions among them. Alliances between elves and goblins and orcs are not uncommon.

Many corridors with pictures of battles and naval battles. Beautiful furniture throughout. Tones are red and yellow. Like our flag. And here is the throne room. There will be a meeting of guests, a banquet and a ball. There were three people in the hall. My parents and Chancellor Margo Zell. The first lady chancellor in the history of the country Torus. Smart lady with glasses and a bunch of black hair. Race demon, small horns and red skin. There was also a tail. So I would have loved with her, although she is three hundred years old. But she looks eighteen. With a great figure. And delicate features. To this day, zero attention to me. Didn’t even say hello when we met. I liked that about her. It will be nice to conquer her.

The son has come. Come, we still have a lot to discuss. – Said the father rejoicing. But when he saw my ladies behind me, he got angry. – You girls go away. And don’t go near him. If I find out that you go to him, I will immediately execute him. So you know. Alex take them away, I order you. – And a little thought. – Stop crying, he is still my son, I know about your feelings for him and do not share them.

The ladies, having heard the king’s wrath, hurried out of the hall arm in arm with Alex. It’s a pity I wanted to cuddle them at least once before the ball. It can even press the cat to the girl in a dark corner and tear it off. I sat in my throne next to the king. He is small and modest. But it’s still a throne. I don’t often sit on it. Here to sit behind the father’s throne is yes. Big and cozy. You feel the power when you sit on it. The whole country is waiting for your decisions.

– Prince, I’m glad you’re getting married. This alliance with the elves will bring unprecedented prosperity to our country. The sooner you have heirs, the better. They can strengthen our alliance. And if enemies attack us, the children will be a powerful argument for the elves to help us. It all depends on you my prince. The Lady Chancellor winked at me. They put too much pressure on me. And so the doctor Toren checks my male health every week. It’s so disgusting to be naked in front of an old bearded dwarf. But have to.

– All for the sake of the country. – I said the standard slogan of my country. And raised his hand in greeting. Index finger forward. The rest squeezed. – I can not understand why you papa forbade me to see the ladies? – Although everyone understood from their facial expressions that to see each other means to copulate.

– Son – Mom said gently. – Men’s health is different from women’s, as well as views on the world. If our guest finds out that you slept with three maids for a month before the wedding. She might get a little upset. And pour poison into your tea. She looked into my astonished eyes. I didn’t even think about that. – Yes, do not build such surprised eyes. We all knew about your lady servants. Well, at least you didn’t hit on Alex. She laughed a little. Everyone in the palace knew that he was pestering me. He’s like the local palace jester around here. And yes, women can do that. Princess Tamara will live in the palace until the wedding. You will spend the whole day only with her and no one else. Take a walk in the park, go to a romantic restaurant in the city in the evening by the light of the moon. Go to the fountain festival. To the theatre. There are many beautiful places in our country. Let her fall in love with you. Build up son. That’s why we drove the maids away from you. And it will be a little embarrassing when suddenly Tamara wants to wish you good night. Or maybe a kiss on the cheek if your relationship comes to that. He enters your room, and you are there with three ladies in an embrace sleeping. Rat as always with your baby in your mouth. The other two are on the sides. It will be bad to talk about you. You have to live with her for the rest of your life.

Or even worse, love with might and main. Your screams are heard throughout the palace. You don’t hold back in love.

And there are other reasons. If you are not with the ladies for a month. Your livestock will be as active as possible and the chance to have a granddaughter will increase. Though knowing your dad, I’m not sure the maids won’t come back after the wedding. She sighed sadly. Daddy has mistresses. Everyone knew about it. Maybe one of them is the Chancellor. Although she and I can get so, to say as a legacy. They live a very long time. Maybe my great-grandson will have fun with it. It is necessary to organize a new position in the servants. Ancestral mistress. All kings will sleep with them. Although then she will receive too much power and will know many secrets. No, the idea will have to be abandoned. And then she would have flown from the roof of the castle. Accidentally slipping. Although the Chancellor, I would ride.

Apparently the chancellor caught my train of thought and winked at me. Demons have the ability to pick up the moods and thoughts of others. Although this is just a rumor. The demons themselves don’t like to talk about it.

– I understood everything mom. You’re right. I hope I like my fiance Tamara. What will you advice me? What to talk about with her at the ball? I want to impress her.

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